Homemade Bagels

I just made this recipe all in one shot. I made the sponge which sat on the counter while I ran errands for 3 hours. It was nearly climbing out of the bowl when I came back. I couldn’t stir the additional flour into the dough but while kneeding it by hand on the counter top it took all the additional flour. Perhaps it was my kneeding technique but 10 min of fold and rotate 1/4 turn wasn’t enough and I worried my manual method wouldn’t work. 15 min is when the magic happened and the dough went from tacky to satin-y, absolutely beautiful stuff, another 5 min of kneeding and I had just begun to reach the window pane stage. I did another 5 min for good measure and the dough temp was 85 degrees by my instant read thermometer. I eyeballed the dough balls I pinched off and ended up with 15 rounds which was close enough for me. I let them rest for the 30 min. I used the poke a hole in the middle and twirl on my finger method of shaping the bagels. They rested another 30 min. I didn’t retard the dough and I boiled them in water and baking soda for only 30 sec on each side. The bagels never sank, floated from the get go. Also I baked 6 of them at 500 degrees on a pizza stone without cornmeal. I looked through the glass door after 2 minutes and the bagels were already caramel colored. I let them go another minute but I was afraid they would burn. I also reduced the oven temp to 450 for the next batch. I used my plastic spatula to remove them from the pizza stone which they did nicely.  They are beautiful and absolutely cooked through. They have nice tiny bubbles and are not dense. The crust ended up being very pretzel-y. These are the best bagels I have ever tasted and it was the very first time I had baked any. 

 You can get the recipe here: