Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken) with jasmine rice, homemade mango chutney and garlic green beans 09-19-2106

I like to watch YouTube sailing vloggers. My favorite is SV Delos. They are sailing around the world and have been non stop for at least 8 years now. They have made it as far as Cocos Keeling according to the last post. While in the Andaman Islands they mentioned how good the butter chicken was.

You can check out their blog here;

I thought that was interesting and then one day I am in Target and I see a bottle of butter chicken sauce and I finally bought some. I did a little googling and found that rice and mango chutney would go with it. I needed a vegetable so garlic green beans is what we got!

The ingredients For the chicken are chicken breast, garlic, minced cilantro (mine’s frozen), and butter chicken sauce. I also have a block of tofu and the last bit of frozen bok choy for my dish.

For the rice we have 1/4 cup minced onions, celery and carrots, 1/2 cup jasmine rice,  tumeric, coriander, garlic salt, and thyme.

For the chutney we have onions, garlic, mango, raisins, sugar, minced cilantro, and vinegar.

For the green beans we have green beans, garlic and butter.

I am using 6 cloves of garlic in this dish but it doesn’t taste overly garlic-y. I buy a tub of peeled garlic from the Asian market and I freeze the whole tub, otherwise it would mold before I could use it all. I pull out what I need when I need it and its so easy and convenient. I like it better than the minced garlic in a jar with oil or water that you can buy.

I decided to cook the rice like a pilaf and saute the veg and then the rice. I didn’t brown the rice just toasted it a touch. I then sprinkled the spices on top of the rice, once over lightly. I know I can go back later and add more seasonings if it doesn’t taste right. Then I add the water and steam as per usual rice cooking.

Once the rice finished, It takes 15 -20 minutes, I added some left over pidgeon peas from last week. I don’t know if that’s correct culturally but I needed to use them up.

While the rice is cooking, I make the chutney. I start by sauteing some onions and garlic.

Once they have sweated a little I added a heaping soup spoons worth of sugar and about a half cup of water. The idea is to create a syrup and I am reducing this mixture on high.

Once the syrup is reduced and starting to look syrupy I added the mango, raisins and a splash of vinegar. Now the vinegar is up to you I think I put in a tablespoon. The idea is that you have a balance of tart and sweet.

After a few minutes the mango is heated through and the  liquid has reduced even further I added some of the chopped cilantro and put it in a bowl. I don’t care for mine to be like a jelly, I like it loose and chunky. I added a dash of salt at the end and it was just how I like it.

To save time I used a rubber scraper to put the chutney in a bowl and immediately added oil to the wok skillet. Once hot I added the chicken and cooked it all the way. I took some of the chicken out of the pan because the little one wouldn’t like all the exotic flavors. She is getting the ingredients plain. Once the chicken was cooked I added the tofu and the garlic.

I then added the leftover frozen bok choy from last week and the rest of the frozen cilantro. Then I added about half the jar of the butter chicken sauce and heated everything through.

In a separate smaller pan I melted a tablespoon butter and browned some minced garlic for the green beans.

This dish was really very good. I ended up putting some of the mango chutney on rice and eating everything all mixed together. The bread is Naan which I keep in the freezer with some gyro meat so we can make homemade gyros on the weekends. It went really well with the dish. I liked this and would make it again.