The Week 09-19-2016

Last week didn’t turn out as expected and I didn’t cook for two nights. On Wednesday, part of the center bracing for the garage door decided to separate from the door panels, so I spent much of that evening drilling  holes and riveting the door back together. I ended up ordering pizza, which was a nice treat for me.

On Thursday we had some catered meals that were left over from a work event. It was pretty ok.

Whats coming up for supper this week?

Sat- We are going out, Longhorn Steakhouse and a movie with the little ones.

Sun- Manwhiches, coleslaw and french fries

Mon- Indian Butter Chicken (One of the sailing blogs I follow on the YouTubes; SV Delos, raved about this dish and I am curious now to try my hand at it)

Tue- Carne Asada with Avocado salsa

Wed- Chicken Parmesan

Thur- Caribbean style broiled fish

Fri- Stuffed cabbage leaves

My plan is to grill the beef for the Carne Asada and marinate the butter chicken on Sunday. Cook the pasta for Wednesday on Tuesday and marinate the fish on Wednesday. Thursday I plan on completely preparing the stuffed cabbage leaves and am tempted to heat them in the slow cooker for Friday. The slow cooker is slowly coming out for fall and winter. One of my favorite fall dishes is a Tagine in the slow cooker and my daughter brought me some authentic Tagine spices from Morocco this summer. I am very excited.