Mandarin pork stir fry 09-12-2016

How many of you thought this dish would have cute little orange segments in it. I did, alas the Mandarin sauce from Panda Express did not even have an orange flavor. I was so excited that I have decided to do an orange stir fry of some kind, it really makes me think of duck.

Stir fry is so easy, most everyone loves them and the only issue with my stir fries have been the use of fresh sugar snap peas. The toughness and string-y-ness of this vegetable has made using fresh not fun. I would rather keep frozen snow peas on hand and use those. Other than that issue, this turned out great!

The ingredients for tonights stir fry are Pork tenderloin, Tofu, Sugar snap peas, onion\peppers mix, garlic, celery, carrots, bok choy, soy sauce, Mandarin stir fry sauce.

I started off de-threading the sugar snap peas. This is essential. Once that was done I sliced the carrots in a wavy pattern, but nice and thin. I then brought a pot of water to a boil and put the sugar snap peas in to cook. 5 min later I added the carrots for a few more minutes.

While the peas were boiling I cut the rest of the vegetables and got the wok pan nice and hot to sear the Tofu for my dinner. Tofu can take longer than expected to brown, even at a high temperature but once it started to I knew I had to watch it. I kept turning the blocks over to get a nice uniform browning on most of the sides. I removed the tofu to my plate and added some more vegetable oil to cook the pork.

I cut the pork on the bias into thin strips, the same way I cut the celery. There is just something about stir fry that cutting it like that makes it look better. Browning was the same process as for the Tofu. Once nice and browned I put it on the plates and added a little more oil to stir fry the vegetables.

The garlic, celery and onions\peppers went first to brown, then I added the bok choy. All of this is done on high heat as the vegetables were frozen and I was just trying to heat them through. After that I added the peas and carrots.

Once everything was in the pan I added a good bit of soy sauce and some of the mandarin stir fry sauce and brought it to a boil.

Once it started to boil, I used my strainer ladle to remove the vegetables to the plates so I could reduce the sauce down to a syrup consistency without over cooking the vegetables.

My presentation style is to pile everything on the plate. It doesn’t accentuate the star of the dish being the meat but, its my restaurant and I like it this way! lol!