Beef empanadas 09-08-2016

These were good, although I learned what I would do differently next time to make things a bit easier and improve the texture overall. We all really enjoyed them and I cant wait to make more.

The ingredients are ground beef, chorizo sausage, the onions\peppers mix from the freezer, garlic, pidgeon peas, tomato sauce, paprika, cumin and adobo seasoning. I was going to make tostones from the plantains I have but discovered they were ripe and wont work for tostones. The next time I make this dish, I will dice some up and put into the empanada mix.

I browned the ground beef, making sure I crumbled it finely. Once it was browned I drained it.

I then added the chorizo, vegetables and a small handful of the peas. Everything was chopped to the size of the peas, except the garlic which was minced.

Next I seasoned the mixture by sprinkling a light even layer of the seasonings. I tasted the dish after mixing and cooking a little and decided a bit of garlic salt was the fix. After tasting again I was happy with the flavor.

Once everything was browned nicely I added enough tomato sauce to make a paste consistency. I decided after cooking them that this needed to be a bit wetter and the mixture itself would be nicer if it was ground a bit finer.

Filling the dough was fun, I tried to leave a good border around the edge so I could seal them with a fork. I used scrambled egg and a splash of water as the sealant.

I think the end result was wonderful, I made 7 and had filling left over. Next time I will make the full dough recipe. I also decided that 1/4 inch thick was the perfect thickness as the dough stretches a bit thinner when you seal them. If the dough is thinner then holes start to develop when you seal them. They fried up nicely too, not greasy at all. The dough itself was very tender and flaky. Even the last empanada dough which went through two “re-rolls”.