Lasagna rolls with Italian sausage 09-07-2016

Italian night is always an easy night for me, which is nice to have during the week. I really like how easy the lasagna rolls are when compared to making an entire pan. I am typically only cooking for two so this is great! This recipe is easily scaled for however many you need to serve and I typically prepare 2-3 per person.

Ingredients for tonight are 5 Lasagna noodles, 3 Italian sausage, 1/2 jar marinara sauce, garlic, 8-10 oz ricotta cheese, 1 egg, Parmesan cheese, 4 oz mozzarella cheese, dried oregano, basil, and Italian seasoning. Everything didn’t make the photo because I was in a rush tonight.

I prepare the sausage by placing it into the pan of water that I am cooking the lasagna noodles in while it comes to a boil. I let it boil for a few minutes before removing it to cool slightly before slicing it. I then skim the foam from the top of the water so I can see the lasagna noodles cooking. I really like the oblong pan for cooking lasagna noodles.

While the noodles are cooking I mix the ricotta cheese mixture. I use 4 oz of ricotta cheese, 1 egg, some Parmesan cheese and 2 oz of mozzarella cheese. I use another 2 oz of  mozzarella cheese to melt on top of the lasagna rolls. I put a good dolop of cheese mixture on each noodle and spread it the length almost to the end. You will find the balance of what you like, I prefer not too much or too little, bout a 1/4 inch is good for me.

I turn on the broil setting on the oven before continuing so that its ready to melt the cheese. I put marinara sauce in the bottom of my pie pan and place the rolls on top. Then I top with more sauce before covering in plastic wrap. If you are making these ahead, this is the point I would refrigerate them. I am putting them into the microwave for 8 minutes until they are heated through. I then remove them, top them with more cheese and place under the broiler until melted and brown.

While the rolls are microwaving I am slicing the Italian sausages and pan frying them. I like mine with the onions, peppers and mushrooms mixture.

This dish is so quick and easy! There is plenty of cheese and garlicky flavor, plus a good balance of noodle and filling!