Bahia-style Shrimp in Coconut sauce 09-06-2016

Since I have shrimp in my freezer already and the other ingredients are stuff I use all the time anyways, its a perfect fit. The only difference is I am not using tomatoes or flour, instead I am thickening with cornstarch. Serving with green beans, quinoa, and fresh mango as the side dishes.

Ingredients for tonight are shrimp, garlic, onions, peppers, green onions, coconut milk, cilantro, green beans and quinoa. I am seasoning with a Sazon packet for the color and flavor. The quinoa is seasoned with the adobo spice instead of salt. I am also using the scotch bonnet pepper sauce on my dish that I also came across at the Asian market on Saturday. This is the perfect balance of heat for my tastes.

I got the wok pan “smoking” hot again before adding the onions, peppers and garlic.

Shortly after the first toss of the mixture I add the shrimp. The dish cooks very quickly.

As soon as the shrimp are halfway cooked I deglazed the pan with the juice of 1/4 lime, about a tablespoon. I then added about a cup and a half of coconut milk and the cornstarch.

While the mixture reduces and thickens I add 1/2 the Sazon packet.

I then finished the dish with some fresh chopped cilantro, maybe a tablespoon.

This was really good! The green beans and quinoa were a good pair for it as well. Be careful the coconut milk reduces fast, which is nice, I didn’t need but a touch of cornstarch to tighten it up! The coconut flavor is very mild, the sazon, lime and cilantro balanced really well. I would like this with any seafood.

To  be fair this is the page and websites I looked at when deciding how to fix this dish.