Labor Day 09-05-2016

There was no dinner post for 09-04-2016 because the little one had a birthday party where pizza was promised. Unfortunately due to weather and unforeseen events we picked her up early. In the interim the little woman and I had a spontaneous date at the local BBQ joint while we waiting to return to the birthday party. The food was average and definitely not noteworthy. Upon returning to the party to find out what all happened, including a power outage temporarily, we went home and ordered a pizza.

I still have a ridiculous amount of leftovers in the fridge from the steak night, so that I am probably not even cooking tonight. This means that the stir fry will have to wait until next week and I am freezing the bok choy I was gonna use tonight that I bought a week ago. This also means the pork loin that was purchased gets the deep freeze. Since I am planning leftovers tonight it will give me the opportunity to do the prep I didn’t do yesterday.

Yesterday I took down another part of the pepper tree that has been growing into our power lines, temporarily getting the section hung on the line that runs to our house, which then fell harmlessly on top of the shed under it. The power line was unaffected, happily. I thought I had clearance, and nearly did. Today I have to haul all the pieces to the front yard and hack them up to proper size. So, between sleeping in, tree surgery, and birthday party, yesterday I was tired. I am working from home today until 4 pm so that leaves little time for anything else.

Speaking of Leftovers – I ended up buying two packages of firm tofu for the stir fry last week and I am trying to use it up. This morning for breakfast I had Tofu scramble rancheros. I don’t even know if that’s a thing. Basically, leftover cheese grits with sauteed onions, peppers, mushrooms, green onion and tofu. I topped this with salsa and some Scotch bonnet pepper sauce. It was good and I have 6 more hunks of tofu to consume in one way or another.