Week of September 3-9th 2016

Sat: Grilled Ribeye steak with loaded baked potatoes

Sun: Dominoes Pizza

Mon: Mandarin Tofu and pork stir fry

Tue:  Bahia style shrimp in coconut sauce

Wed: Italian sausage with Lasagna rolls

Thur: Beef empanadas with tostone “nachos”

Fri: Beef and potato Moussaka

What is exciting about next week? I am making homemade empanadas for the first time. I am making the dough from scratch. This is also the first time I am doing a Moussaka. I am excited about the Bahia style shrimp also because I want more Latin america dishes that are interesting and flavorful.

Tostones are deep fried plantains that are then smashed and fried again. I have a great big bag of plain plantains in the freezer and the honeyed preparation wasn’t a hit with the little one so I am to try it again later. Since I have the plantains I thought I would give tostones a go, I have made them before in the restaurants.

The prep is going to be very minimal, I need to;

Portion and marinate the pork loin on Sunday for Monday and freeze what I am not using. Also on Sunday I need to make the moussaka and empanada fillings. I am also chopping the onion and bell pepper and freezing since I have used it all. It will go into the shrimp and empanadas.

Thaw and peel the shrimp on Monday for Tuesday.

Cook the lasagna noodle on Tuesday for Wed and make the ricotta filling, also thaw the Italian sausage.

Make the empanada dough and thaw the plantains Wed for Thur.

There you have it. I also have to make brownies to give to a friend, and jalapeno cilantro hummus for lunches.