Kielbasa and cabbage 09-02-2016

This is pictured with the roasted garlic macaroni and cheese, the recipe details are in the previous post, Italian Chicken with garlic mac n cheese, go check it out!

One of my all time favorites besides the spaghetti and meatballs, Italian sausage my mom makes. I am not sure if she makes it this way exactly but I like it this way best. The ingredients are half a horseshoe of Kielbasa (well its what it looks like in the package), cabbage, bacon and garlic. Let me tell you, I eat any veg that’s cooked with bacon, except spaghetti squash…y’all can have that!

I get the wok skillet hot and add a little bit of oil and get the chopped bacon going. I start the pan on high heat then turn it down to medium when the bacon is halfway cooked and starting to brown.

Once the bacon is mostly brown I add the kielbasa. I want it to brown on both sides but I don’t want the bacon to burn, so timing is key. If you add the kielbasa too soon its no big deal just keep browning until the bacon is ready. Just don’t add the kielbasa too late!


Once the Kielbasa is brown on one side I turn them over and add the cabbage. I am using about two handfuls of cabbage. As it cooks and softens is reduces. I also add a pinch of sugar on top of the cabbage and the garlic.

 Then I cover the pan with a lid and toss the mixture every min or so while the cabbage steams and sautes.

Once its nicely brown its done,

This is so good!