Italian (marinated) chicken, garlic mac n cheese and broccoli 09-02-2016

This is what the kids are getting for dinner, while I am going to enjoy one of my favorites, Kielbasa and cabbage. On Tuesday I took the frozen chicken breast out and put some in a gallon bag to thaw with Italian dressing on it. It is good for up to 4 days like that. After that it starts to have a unpleasant smell. On the fifth day, I cook it and use it in something next week if we don’t eat it.

Ingredients are Macaroni noodles, which I pre-cooked yesterday, chicken broth, chopped garlic, Italian marinated chicken breast, cubed, nuclear cheese (cheese food like you make queso dip with) and steam in the bag broccoli.

First thing I do is put some chicken broth in a pot with the nuclear cheese and get it melting. You could do this in the microwave if you wanted. Proportions are hit or miss on this, guaging by how much mac I was making I thought I had under estimated so I added another hunk which ended up being slightly more than I needed. Its no big deal, start conservative and make more if needed.

While that is melting I got my wok skilled hot and put some oil in it to cook the chicken. Once the chicken is in the pan I cover it and reduce the heat to medium. Cooking chicken chunks like this I wanted a nice sear but also enough time for the meat to be cooked through. Keeping it on high heat would burn it.

Once the chicken is cooked I add a little more oil and the garlic and brown it thoroughly. Really nice and brown all over, I then add the mac and the cheese mixture to the pan and get it all mixed in. Browning garlic in the pan to get a nice roasted garlic flavor is quicker than roasting a whole head or even browning cloves in the oven. In the restaurants we used to boil peeled cloves in olive oil till they browned, plus it gave you some nice flavored olio. This way is quick and easy and the flavor is amazing!! Just don’t burn the garlic, keep the heat on medium and watch it.

The broccoli is the token vegetable for the evening, 6 min in the microwave, butter and salt and there you go.