Jerk (marinated) chicken, black beans and honeyed plantains 09-01-2016

I have been waiting a few weeks to find the marinade and be able to prepare this dish. I am using Walkerswood jerk marinade for the chicken. I am afraid it is too spicy for the little one so she is getting Italian marinade with a couple pieces of the jerk chicken. I am also not Jerking the chicken traditionally, I am pan frying it! So, what’s the big deal? I feel like if I was searching for a Jerk Chicken recipe I would want some authenticity. I don’t want to mislead anyone.

The ingredients for today’s meal are marinated chicken breast, canned black beans, cumin, garlic, tomato paste, yellow rice, sour cream, plantains and honey.

First thing is get the toaster oven going as a conventional oven. The plantains have been thawing since this morning in the refrigerator and I will toss them in honey and microwave them to get them hot. Then I line the pan with aluminum foil and spray with pan spray. The plantains go into the toaster oven to caramelize while everything else is going.

While the plantains are microwaving, I put the black beans in a small pot with  garlic, and a squeeze of tomato paste about two inches long. I season the beans with cumin and pepper. I use quite a bit of cumin because I like the flavor. This gets brought to the boil and then left to simmer while everything else is cooking.

I have decided its easier for me to cube the chicken before I saute it. The wok pan is nice and hot and I have the vent fan, ceiling fan and window/ doors open because I always fill the kitchen with haze!

By the time the chicken is done cooking, everything else is ready to go.

What you might find interesting is that every thing is timed based on what takes the longest starting first. I am not worried about exactly how much time does it take for everything. I assume the plantains will take slightly longer than the beans, but both items will cook until they are done the way I like them. I can still cook the chicken breast and if everything else needs more time I can hold them warm, or just put them into the beans when they are done.