Beef and Bean Quesadillas 08-30-2016

Tonight was super easy to make and we love it!! You can’t ask for a better combination. I make this taco beef and refried bean mixture and then I freeze the left overs for burritos or enchiladas. I basically follow the “Taco Bell” standard. 7 basic ingredients make almost their entire menu…..well, back in the day it did. Dinner tonight had a pound of ground beef, a can of refried beans, shredded white cheddar cheese, large flour tortillas, sour cream, salsa and cubed melon.


As i mentioned in the weekly prep post, I buy 2.5 lbs of ground beef at the grocery store. I brown off the pound I need and I turn the rest into burgers and freeze them. So this is where we begin, and you can save some time by making the taco ground beef ahead of time. Brown the meat, drain the fat, add some water and the seasoning packet. Once that’s all dissolved I add the can of refried beans. This does two things, 1. it really tones down the spiciness of the taco seasoning without sacrificing the taco-ey flavor I like and 2. it stretches out a lb of ground beef into two meals.

If you like it less bean-ey, add only half a can, there are no rules for Tex-mex! Once this is complete and you have shredded the cheese you are ready to make em! I am using my trusty wok skillet and its on medium high heat. While the pan is getting hot I layer some cheese on half a flour tortilla. Then I layer the beef and bean mixture, followed by another layer of cheese. It doesn’t take much cheese but feel free to go crazy if you want. Then fold the other end of the tortilla over to make a nice half circle shape.

Once nice and hot I pan spray the pan and put the quesadilla in. You are toasting at this point, I wish I could say 2 min each side and that be that. Pay attention to the sound and smell of whats cooking as that will tell you everything you need to know. I even peek under them to see how they are coming along. Once toasted the way you like it, flip it over and toast the other side. That’s it! Now its a good idea to let them cool down a bit before trying to cut into them as they can be gooshy! I like sour cream and salsa with mine and I served it with the melon because the coolness of the fruit counters the taco-ey-ness really nicely.