The week of 08/29/2016

This week is my clean out the freezer week. Last week we decided to order Olive Garden so last Thursdays planned meal didn’t get made. In addition to that plans changed that involved a visit from my daughter for dinner Saturday and spending Sunday lunch with family. That being said, I love that my plans are flexible enough to allow for lifes changes.


Sat(Grilled): BBQ spare ribs with French fries and coleslaw

Sun(Random): Left over BBQ spare ribs with coleslaw and potato salad

Mon(Asian): Shrimp and vegetable stir fry

Tue(Mex, central and south amer): Ground Beef and Bean quesadillas

Wed(Italian): Spaghetti and Meatballs…..(Zoodles and pasta)

Thur(Islands): Jamaican jerk Chicken with honeyed plantains

Fri(Europeanish): Kielbasa and Mac n cheese


Mon: I have the medium easy peel shrimp thawing in the fridge right now. I will need to peel and chop the vegetables this evening when I get home. The vegetables are bokchoy, carrots, celery, been sprouts, onion, and peppers. I also have some firm tofu. This will be the first time I have ever cooked with tofu so it should be interesting. I am using pre-made garlic stir-fry sauce. There is no rice or noodles for tonights meal. This is on purpose as I am gradually going to stop cooking starches as side dishes.

I will go ahead and cook the ground beef into taco meat and shred the block cheddar cheese tonight for Tuesday. I buy 2.5lbs of ground beef because thats the size available in 80/20. I take the rest of the meat not used for tacos and season for hamburgers. I then patty them up 1/2 cup at a time and freeze them. They thaw really good in the microwave and we pan fry them as needed.

Tue: Not much to prep for Wed, I will thaw the meatballs overnight in the fridge. I am using pre-made sauce and will make the vegetable noodles on Wed. I will also marinate the chicken for Thur today since its frozen and needs to thaw in the fridge while its in the marinade.

Wed: Nothing to pre-prep today, easy!!!

Thur: I will pre-cook the macaroni and thaw the kielbasa out overnight for Friday. I use nuclear cheese so its super easy!

This is the plan for the week and since we go shopping Sat afternoon, Sat and Sun dinner planning happens later in the week. I usually try to do burgers and french fries on Sat and Sunday we like to make gyros but its open to whatever we decide.