I search several websites in my down time as I am figuring out what to fix for supper. I see enough food blog websites that seem to pass along information from other websites rather than come up with their own. I too draw inspiration from various sources but I like things the way I like them. I like things a little this way and that way and that’s what this blog is going to explore. So, I decided why not?

Whats for supper? (Whats4Sup?)  Yeah, after I created that awesome title I thought, “but we call it dinner in my house. Shouldn’t it be Whats4Din? or some variation.” Well, I originally thought about the terms What’s up?, Whats going on? and wanted something like that because dinner….er now Supper is “whats going on?” in this blog. There you have it.

Suppers are planned a week ahead of time. It has to be this way since I work two full time jobs and can only go shopping one day out of the week. I have barely enough time to get home and cook the meal in-between jobs, hence the 30 min time limit. That being said there is plenty of planning ahead of time and some tricks, cheats and short cuts I use so that when I get home I can cook and be done quickly. Hopefully, this will help some of you who are just as busy.

Wheres the food part? You’re right, but this is the intro post and I am not at home, inspiration struck and I had to act. Tonight when I get home I will take some pics and get to posting.

Thank you for reading, hopefully you enjoy it.