08/11/2016 Arroz con ….Shrimp!

Spanish….um, yellow rice with sausage….er Chorizo, onions, bellpeppers, garlic, seasonings and of course, Shrimp.

I really like rice dishes like Arroz con pollo, Paella, Jambalaya etc. So much flavor and essentially one pot meals. No chicken today, I have half a bag of large shrimp in the fridge pre-thawing for tonights meal since yesterday that I am going to use.


Rice, I like Jasmine. Chicken stock, Shrimp, Chorizo sausage (Beef, Smoked, Andouille, whatever you have on hand, not sure if I’d go with Italian style for this dish but I have used Kielbasa in a pinch one time.) Garlic, Onions, Bell Pepper, Goya Sazon packet.

Prep ahead of time:

The onions and bell peppers are pre-ground in a food processor and frozen for future use. I also keep the chorizo package in the freezer since I only use it for these kinds of dishes and thaw what I need. Thats it!, the rest of the ingredients are ready to go while the dish is being thrown together.

Cooking Instructions:

Its important that you know something about cooking. I am  not a do this then that kind of list maker. This is a dish where you saute the veg and sausage, add the rice and enough stock proportionate to the rice, seasonings, simmer for like 15 min add shrimp et voila.